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1 hour ago, Scott7 said:

Just the adornment for the gable ends or garage lintels of the mansions of the rich among us, compo, Craig, Bill, asil.




Reduce it to key fob size and stick it on a bit of faux leather and I’d buy it for a tenner.






I want the one from the side of the main stand 😉

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4 hours ago, Bill said:

I don't know about having it on the side of the house but I do think this crest is a huge improvement on the lop-sided thing it replaced.

Agree. As someone that has worked in graphic design that badge should never have passed the first proof. It always irked me that our monogram badge was a thing of beauty and 2nd crest was all over the place. Thank God it someone with half an eye saw fit to rectify it.

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