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CV19 'passport' now required to attend games

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1 hour ago, ian1964 said:

I've been double jabbed mate! it will be horrendous trying to get into Ibrox! and I totally disagree with this SNP passport pish! I can still see Rangers from the comfort of my home! each to our own I guess.

Sadly it is not each to our own.


The panty wetters are forcing everyone else to share private medical info with businesses. 

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2 hours ago, CammyF said:

Agree but wouldn't it be easier (and safer under GDPR) if you sent your vaccination certificate to the club and they 'enabled' your Smartcard rather than random checks.


What s the randomness of the random checks? 1 in 2, 1 in 5, 1 in 1000? it's gonna be chaos. 

That sounds like a very sensible and practical way to deal with this. 

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2 hours ago, Gonzo79 said:

I disagree.


It will be manual, not tech-based.


I've witnessed plenty of arguments between punters and stewards about things far less divisive than this.  

I don’t know if you were at Dens on Saturday. For Rangers fans behind the goal they put barriers in place about halfway up the ramp, well short of the turnstiles, in order to check that everyone had the correct ticket. It took about 15 mins to get through it. That was a manual check of every single ticket. If you are doing spot checks of say every 10th punter to see that they have their Covid passport I don’t see that being any longer.

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46 minutes ago, Tannochsidebear said:

 in order to check that everyone had the correct ticket

Having the correct ticket is one thing, debating the authenticity of a vaccination passport or a vaccination exemption letter is another.


26 minutes ago, onevision said:

Whats to stop an un vaccinated person using someone elses passport?

Good question.  I'm sure the low-paid stewards will know the answer.

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