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2 hours ago, ranger_syntax said:

I think you would understand it better if you were to give it a little thought.


Hiring private contracts isn't a case of being privately run.  Funny how you tell us that private companies compete for contracts yet you also tell us that private provision does not result in lower prices.  If it was more expensive that public provision then it would not be able to win any contracts.

You forget that contracts are often won because of 'cronyism.'

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1 hour ago, alexscottislegend said:

You forget that contracts are often won because of 'cronyism.'

It seems you truly are on the path to understanding.


You've already figured out that your problem is cronyism rather than privatisation.


Who knows where your journey will end. Somewhere to the right of Chiang Kai-shek perhaps.

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On 17/09/2021 at 10:51, alexscottislegend said:

All of these high salaried staff are recruited from the private sector and the agenda here is to deliberately make the NHS unworkable  and lacking in 'cost efficiency' so that it can be fully privatised and they can then begin charging patients just like in the US. I hate this idea that 'management' is a skill in itself, that if you can run a grocery store, say, you can run a sophisticated health system or whatever.  Already in the NHS numerous services have been farmed out to private contractors concerned with only making a profit. My wife's GP is not allowed by the computer software to prescribe medicine she needs because the NHS bean counters have decided they will not supply that brand; consequently I have had to purchase it on private prescription.


I fear that we will eventually end up with the Australian Medicare system, where there is some public funding and it is compulsory to buy private insurance as well.

Frankie needs to but some new hypocrisy and irony meters 9_9

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Scottish health crisis: Hospital conditions like 'third world country' - inquiry hears

The inquiry began hearing evidence on Monday after patients at the Glasgow hospitals died from infections linked to pigeon droppings and the water supply, and the opening of an Edinburgh site was delayed due to concerns over the ventilation system.


Speaking via video link at the inquiry on Thursday, Ms Brown whose son was treated there said: “It’s scary enough when your child is sick but going into hospital thinking you’re going to be catching something is a horrible, horrible feeling. “Scotland is supposed to have the best water supplies.

“This is what you would expect in the news for third world countries, but it was like this in Scotland, in a super hospital.”


Earlier this year, an independent review found the deaths of two children at the QEUH campus were at least in part the result of infections linked to the hospital environment. The inquiry in Edinburgh, chaired by Lord Brodie, continues. Health boards are due to give evidence at a later stage in the inquiry.

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On 02/10/2021 at 07:49, forlanssister said:

Currently a 12 hour wait for an ambulance here in Aberdeenshire followed by a 5 hour wait in A&E at ARI.

Absolutely shocking! Humza useless & SNP are totally incompetent, I'm certain he didn't wait long to get medical help when he injured himself!!!

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