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What is stopping GPs seeing patients face to face?


In most jobs people meet others face to face, since the lockdowns were ended.  


Are GPs themselves prompting this continuation of Covid protocols or is it above them - genuine question?


It feels a bit like Rocky 4 when Drago says, "If he dies, he dies.".

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Went to the hospital, where the staff were very prompt and helpful and carried out a few tests, as well as consulting the resident cardiologist.


Unfortunately, they're not entirely sure what's up with me and told me to watch what I'm eating and drinking (I will) and get in touch if it gets worse.  


Thanks for the advice folks.  

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Clear the jackhammer music out of your library, borrow some Glenn Miller from the nearest old geezers’ home and that should clear up any heart problems.


Oh, and don’t watch the Rangers.

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