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A lot has been said about Walter Smith now having a much bigger squad compared to Paul Le Guen's last season; however, I disagree. It seems to me that 14 players have left since the start of last season, and 14 have arrived, keeping the numbers constant. The massive difference is in the quality and experience of the players.




Letizi Klos

Bardsley Ricksen Rodriguez Svensson Ponroy

Sionko Rae Clement N'Diaye Martin

Prso Stanger





Carroll Smith

Braodfoot Wier Webster Cueller Ehiogu

Whitaker Thomson Gow McCulloch Beasley

Darcheville Cousin






Hutton Papac Murray Smith

NOvo Burke Ferguson Hemdani Adam

Sebo Boyd Buffel



Looking at those that stayed, there are 13 players who play reasonably often enough to consider them first team players; therefore, Walter has had just over a 50% turnover in first team playing staff. That amount can reasonably be expected to significantly change the fortunes of the team and when you think what Walter did with 3 changes in January (not counting Webster who didn't play), you have to wonder what he can do now with what he could call his own team. The amazing 100% start to this season looks to be an excellent appetizer for the main course to come, with the players able to shut up shop and force a win while still not gelling with each other and then score 7 in a game when the jelly is starting to set.



To further dwell in our improvement it's interesting to look at the teams you could make up with the players which Smith, Le Guen and McLiesh have latterly brought in, as well as a team made up from the Rangers youth ranks (including a few older ones for experience).







Braodfoot Wier Cueller Webster

Whitaker Thomson McCulloch Beasley

Darcheville Cousin



Le Guen



Bardsley Svensson Ponroy Papac

Sionko Clement N'Diaye Martin

Sebo Stanger






Rodriguez Andrews Kyrgiakos Murray

Novo Hemdani Buffel Rae

Prso Boyd



Murray Park



Hutton Pressley McLean Smith

Burke Ferguson Hughes Adam

MacCormack MacLean



To me Smith's team look by far the best, with Le Guen's looking by far the worst. That in itself suggests we should have a much better season this year; especially since Smith's squad includes some of the best players that he didn't sign - MacGregor, Hutton, Papac, Smith, Burke, Hemdani, Ferguson, Adam, Novo, and Boyd.


What is also apparent, is that Smith is also a huge managerial improvement over both Le Guen and McLeish.

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