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Fifty Years Ago - Barcelona Bound

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1 hour ago, Gonzo79 said:

I take it a scramble is where money gets dished out then?


Being thrifty is a Presbyterian trait, @compo.  ?



A scramble was when the wedding cars left the address(usually the bride's) and coins were thrown out of the windows of the cars to have the waiting kids jostle and scramble around the ground for.

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5 hours ago, 26th of foot said:

A poor-oot' - I have never heard the term. Do you know the derivation?


Edinburgh’s a toffs’ town. I think it’s what they say in Morningside as in “Shell Ay poor oot more tea, Dephne?”


In the current context it’s pouring out money as a happy couple leaves the Kirk after tying the knot thereby leading to the scramble. The practice features frequently in Oor Wullie and The Broons. Never heard it called a poor oot, not even in the years when I dwelled in Edinburgh’s high glamour south, ken?

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A number of Gersnetters have contacted me, asking about the price of attending football fifty years past? If you attended Primary school then the price was asking a fellow attending adult for, "a lifty ower"? You can add from a hundred to several thousand on to any attendance at that time, depending upon the size of the game. Children were lifted over the turnstiles, the turnstile did not klick thus the entry was not included in the attendance. Free entry for under 12s guaranteed Scottish football always had a waiting audience. Entry for the Main Stand was 60 pence(12 Bob), Enclosure was 40 pence(8 Bob), 30 pence for the Ground(6 Bob for the terracing) and, OAPs and Boys' Gate was 15 pence(3 Bob).


The Lifty Ower ended at the same time alcohol was banned from the Terraces. The consequences of the Scottish Cup final riot of 1980 went further than most think. When Rangers hosted Killie on Saturday 30th October'71, 25,000 attended without me. I played my school game and climbed into a Coach taking half-a-dozen of us down to Kerswell College for a weekend long selection to represent Lanarkshire schools. It was after evening meal I found out Rangers had triumphed 3-1 to secure seventh position in the Championship.


The teams were Rangers : McCloy, Jardine, Mathieson, Greig, McKinnon, Smith, Henderson, Penman, Stein, Fyfe and, MacDonald. Kilmarnock fielded : Hunter, Whyte, Cairns, Maxwell, Rodman, McGrory, McSherry, Gilmour, Mathie, McCulloch and, Cook. The big Kilmarnock bunnet was worn by Ross Mathie, he notched for the Ershur men in the third minute, Colin Stein equalised on the 15th minute and the game stood at 1-1 at the interval. The other noteworthy first half incident was Sandy Jardine's ordering off. I do not remember this and cannot find a source to explain his red card. If any Gersnetter can provide details, please do. Ten man Rangers scored another two goals in the second period courtesy of Alex MacDonald on the 67th and 79th minutes.


We had reached ten points but remained 7 points behind Aberdeen in pole position. Sporting Lisbon had lost their first match of their domestic season, going down 2-1 away to Belevese. I returned home late Sunday afternoon and found out from the evening News that Glasgow Air Traffic Controllers had voted for immediate strike action. The next morning the Rangers party arrived at the Airport and were told to wait for their connecting flight to Heathrow. Eventually, they travelled early evening and missed the last Monday flight to Lisbon.


It wasn't going well.

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I can remember the first games after they banned you taking alcohol into the ground a policeman and a bin at the turnstiles for the fans to dump their carry outs, half bottles were stuffed down the front of many a pair of trousers 

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I don’t recall the Jardine ordering off. Even David Docherty’s excellent The Rangers Football Companion has no descriptive comment on it.. 
The book covers all Rangers competitive games post-war up to 1985-86. You get dates, both teams, results, scorers, attendances and sometimes a wee note about anythIng significant. Maybe the author thought Sandy deserved it so didn’t want to embarrass him further.


When I first paid my way through the turnstiles it was two shillings - 10p.

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2 hours ago, Scott7 said:


When I first paid my way through the turnstiles it was two shillings - 10p

Can't remember what I first paid into Ibrox(circa 62/63) but when I went to Kilbowie Park to see the Bankies with my cousins it was an old tanner.When we could we silpped under the collection window,no turnstiles,and were able to spend our money on the "chocolate macaroon bars.


Also used to go to La Scala in Clydebank with a "jeely jaur" for entry.



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