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[FT] Sparta Prague 1 - 0 Rangers

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1 hour ago, Frankie said:

Well, we have two options really in a defensive sense.


Move to a back three/five allowing us to play Tav / Patterson / Balogun / Bassey / Barisic which I quite like the idea of as it gives us extra defensive cover away from home but also the ability to counter quickly and directly.

I actually think that system would suit our available squad pretty well, but I agree it’s unlikely. Main issues with it I see are Tavernier essentially playing centre back and Barisic being thrown in like that in a 3-5-2, which I would say requires exceptionally fit wing backs to really work well. 

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3-5-2 would be

           Tav Balogun Bassey

Patterson.                      Barisic

     Lundstram/Aribo Davis  Kamara

             Morelos    Sakala/Roofe


There’s a case for Hagi,  it unlikely given weak defence. I don’t mind the look of that.




Tav. Balogun. Bassey.   Barisic

       Lundstram Davis. Kamara

            Hagi/Aribo   Sakala/Roofe



Far more likely. 

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I believe Goldstons omission is due to him having Covid in his system from when he was positive a few weeks ago , he is clear to train and to play , the issue arises from him not being able to fly .

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11 minutes ago, Gonzo79 said:

I'm a bit more up for this game now it's upon us.


Mon The Rangers!  ??

I still don't fancy us tonight! we have showed nothing to merit confidence, can't see us getting a result, I so hope I am proved wrong!!

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  • Frankie changed the title to [FT] Sparta Prague 1 - 0 Rangers

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