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[FT] Rangers 2 (Roofe 60; Morelos 78) - 1 Hibernian

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Be honest, how many seasons are as straightforward as last season? Much of what I've seen this season has been frustrating but it certainly hasn't been the disaster that the comments of many fans would have you think. I think we did OK today against a decent opponent and if being top of the league after beating our main challenger is bad news then I think I can handle that.

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Buzzing after that, bring on Hearts.


We didn't play too well but great character to come back. A chance to regroup now and hopefully kick on before the next International break in November

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9 minutes ago, RANGERRAB said:

it must be said the red card helped us

Did it though? Perhaps if the maniac had stayed on, Hibs would have played a more open game which would have suited Rangers better than time wasting and banked defence.

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Great match and a very important three points.


Porteous is clearly a halfwit.  Really enjoyed seeing him get a red card.


Hibernian looked in complete control until the sending off. I'll be astonished if Celtic can take any points at Easter Road this month.

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40 minutes ago, Bluedell said:

Plus the injury to Barasic. 

The injury where both Barisic and the Hibs player stopped game for some time(3mins) and with subs and time wasting 5 minutes was correct.BTW the Hibs time wasting started immediately after they scored and they were lucky to finish with 10 men still on field.


Reading some of the comments it seemed few on here were actually at the game as there was quite a lot going on off the ball by the Hibs hammer throwers which they were lucky went unpunished.


Our two stand-outs today were Lundstram and Paterson.

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