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I don't know if it is singled out, is it? This has came about because of a number of high profile ex players who are now suffering, Rugby has had and still has it's own issues, but to be honest I'm ignorant of these in general, as it's not a sport I'm particularly interested in. Their primary issue is big hits, but I'd imagine repeated smaller hits and concussions will be an issue in the long term.


There's not a huge number of other sports that come to mind that have repeated head impact, outwith the fighting sports.

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Steve Thomson, England prop forward, and a number of other players are pursuing a claim against the RFU. He’s 42, played in every game of the 2017 World Cup and can’t remember any of them.

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Rugby seems to my untrained eye all about the big hit. Big, incredibly strong, quick guys rolled on and off, sort of akin to special teams in American Football, not expected to last 80 minutes due to the stamina required not really being matched to their physiques. God knows how they address that.

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A big question I have relates to the international nature of the sport - will certain FAs face claims and look into phasing out/banning heading or will it go straight to FIFA and be a global approach?


I don't think there's much doubt that 'Western' countries are far more health and safety focused than they are in other parts of the world and the same goes for claim culture (which seems to prompt the h&s obsession).  


There's a great art to a good header, particularly a goal-scoring one - it would be missed, although I think it'd be beneficial to lessen its usage in Scottish youth football (get rid of hoofing the ball and get kids to play football on the deck).



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