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Rangers 150th Anniversary White Strip

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When it comes to new kits, I am no longer the demographic being targeted so I'm usually no plused and don't have strong opinions either way. 


However, given the reasoning and history behind this kit, in my humble opinion, the club and Castore have gotten this 100% correct. Looks classy, the crest is spot-on.


If I was 30 years younger and (cough cough) stone lighter I'd have already purchased this! 

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While the style and collar are clever, you can’t say it’s a nod to the gallant pioneers and lump a Castore badge on it and not use the star. 

At £68 it’s a total rip-off. What is this, the 55th new top this season between the 3 playing kits, training tops, euro travel tops, euro training tops, match day warm up kits etc? 

I don’t buy any of them anyway so it’s not affecting me and it’s clear our marketing department is doing some great work, but I really sympathise with parents and young fans who are targeted in this way every other week. 

Imagine what it’s going to be like in the Spring when we are actually 150 years young, when all this has already been maximised for us just being in our 150th year. 

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