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[FT] Rangers 2 (Balogun 18; Roofe 30) - 0 Brondby

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Was there and enjoyed game but think Tav was out of position too much with the number of cross-field balls that found the left winger too easily.

Aribo great first half but not so much in second but still MOM.

Hagi looks as if he was played in correct role tonight and has certainly muscled up.

Morelos a couple of loose balls but had a good game.

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Only seen the first half ( night shift)  but that was a far better performance tonight.  Far more direct and good movement from the players.   I called out hagi and aribo before the game and they delivered.     Alfie unlucky not to score too.   Made the mistake of listening to radio cathalica sorry i mean bbc scotland where the pundits took turns to ridicule alfie and nail him to the wall at every opportunity whilst wanking each other off to a picture of peter lawell in stockings and high heels no doubt.    In fact it wouldnt surprise me.

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10 hours ago, CammyF said:

Holy feck how did he miss 


Haven't seen any of the 1st half so don't know the facts but what's the story with missiles being thrown? Apparently a photographer has been hurt? 

The Brondby fans were throwing things at Tav, when he was taking a corner - we're not as focused on it because we scored from it! :D 

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36 minutes ago, Rousseau said:


A goal every 114 minutes.

It’s an astonishing return. It’s easy to forget how hard it is to reach full fitness when you are constantly picking up injuries, yet he scores at this rate. That is why I see him as one of our most important players. 

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The pluses were that Aribo had a great game and Lundstrom had a storming first half and is showing that may he be forcing himself to becoming an automatic starter.


I thought McGregor looked nervous, particularly in the first half and stayed back a few times when he should have been coming out for the ball.


I've seen Tav getting a lot of praise but I thought he just had an average game. He got done a couple of times in the second half and his crossing wasn't great, but his athleticism in the second half was certainly an asset.


I felt the front 3 suffered through a lack of pace. Kent is sorely missed, and there's an argument that Sakala should have started.


Brondby were a poor side, and I think Hearts would beat them, but any win in the group stages is a good one.


I didn't see anyone checking covid passports going into the ground but I understand checks were being done in other areas of the ground.

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