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SFA opens investigation into ''inappropriate' Rangers related tweets by St Mirren chairman

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For 'inappropriate' and 'derogatory' you can read 'sectarian' and 'threatening'.


It's interesting the mental gymnastics used in the narrative when discussing bigotry aimed towards Rangers fans.

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John Needham has problems.


He has regularly indulged in sectarian, dehumanising and, demonising broadcasts(ie Tweets) over a dozen year period.


He was charged by the Police reference assaulting his wife - did this make court?


He was not alone in lampooning Rangers during the club's financial collapse. However, when doing so his designation was as a senior managerial role at the Royal Bank of Scotland. Did he know Fred the Shred? How much did the British Government spend bailing out the financial basket case known as RBS? What was his Username on the Rangers Tax Case Blog?

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The sentiments expressed by this scoundrel, Needham, especially his wish that the Squinty Brig collapse, and the supporters crossing it drown in the Clyde, bear remarkable similarities, in feeling and in form, to those penned by that maundering bigot, Joe something Irish, from Greenock or The Port,  who has, remarkably (perhaps not), a high position among rasellik supporting 'family' - Uachtarán, or somesuch, possibly Emeritus. 


You may recall that this deluded and charmless ould sod published his feeling that it was unfortunate that the shipyard workers, from Belfast, who built The Titanic, were not the victims of its destruction. It was a calculated, callous, and ignorant, jibe against the Protestant Scots-Irish. 

For this sectarianism, and what probably was,  and would certainly be, nowadays, racism, Poileas Alba gave him a wee talk on more careful use of social media. 


I will not hold my breath on anything beyond similar advice being offered to Needham.


The SFA and/or the SPFL should pursue disrepute charges against him, and against St Mirren FC. If the Chairman may not speak for the Club, who may?

Ultimately, St Mirren FC will have to remove him from its Board, although this may have to wait until after the Authorities' investigation. He may resign, first, of course. 

It goes without saying that he should never be allowed to darken the doors of Ibrox, again. 


Interestingly,  both Needham and Fred Goodwin hail from Paisley. Small wonder The Royal Bank of Scotland hit the skids, eh?




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