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[FT] Brondby 1 - 1 Rangers (Hagi 77)

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1 hour ago, Gonzo79 said:

I'm a big fan of Morelos.  He's capable of making life really difficult for opposition defenders but just isn't doing that at the moment.  


No idea where his aggression has gone (having a kid, perhaps?).  

I was wondering this myself, he'd have us all pulling our hair out with his yellow and red cards, but perhaps he needed that extra aggression to get him going?

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1 minute ago, CammyF said:

If so, is it better finishing 3rd? 

It's all relative.  You might geta CL side who don't care about EL.


Won't know until we get there.


Rangers should always be about beating what's in front of you.  

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You see Lyon just going a gear up and dismantle the rest of this group`s teams at will. I saw one half of Leverkusen, who are stumbling along in the BL of late, hammering Betis Seville 4-0 with some slick passing and fast attacking football. Then you know that no matter what, EL footie is pure bonus in a season of making sure No. 56 comes home next May. SG gave us so much joy in Europe these last three years, he`s got enough credit there for many months to come. To play anywhere close to that level, we need at least one season in the CL group phase, of which none other than SG has made sure these last few years. 

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1 hour ago, Bill said:

Unless something fundamental changes, I'd say this Rangers team has very little chance of beating Sparta by two goals.

We rarely look like beating anyone these days.   We dont have any leaders on the park.   We some fine individuals but they no longer function as a team.   Gerrard isnt getting the best out of his players and i fear that there are just too many players who have had their day at ibrox.   Im grateful that the spfl is so poor.  Its the real reason were top of the league.  Weve rode our luck for the most part.  Barasic tav davis kamara hagi and ill chuck in aribo as a luxury we can ill afford. The end product just isnt there.  As much as i want us to hit form i dont see it happening.   



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1 hour ago, RANGERRAB said:

I’m still not convinced the ball went out from the corner kick that Morelos scored from at the start of the game.

If it did maybe Tavernier can bend the ball like Roberto Carlos and we just didn’t know about it ??


Same with me, after watching the short German highlights. He has the ball on the inner edge of the corner triangle and than crosses behind the goal to meet Morelos` head 2m from the by-line?




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