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Official: Gio confirmed as Rangers manager

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30 minutes ago, Frankie said:

Jordan Campbell reporting Gio wants the job.

Honestly, I'd be absolutely delighted if he's appointed. The right mix of knowledge of our club and the Scottish game + global pull, I think he would be an exceptional appointment actually.

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13 minutes ago, gisabeer said:

He can have him at a price.  Aribo is a fantastic player but his end product is questionable.   You wouldnt miss him if he left.

He's getting better all the time, I'd like to keep him for his potential. Though I agree everyone has their price.

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43 minutes ago, the gunslinger said:

we need experience here and we need it now. 


even if it's DM to end of season if we can't get who we want now. 


Dean Smith, Steve Bruce or even warnock would get us over the line. 

Bruce or Warnock? That would be a massive step backwards IMO. Dinosaurs of the game and not what we should be looking to do given what we have in place on and off the field now.

I still think this has been in the offing for a while which might explain a lot about this season. And SG can't moan about the budget as our failure to qualify for the CL has dictated available funds.

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I don’t know what to think of GVB. Potential obviously but less pedigree and experience than I would like. At this point in the season though are there any better options out there?


Compensation will play a part too. GVB is available so that goes in his favour. 

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27 minutes ago, Rousseau said:

I don't see Tavernier going.


I wouldn't be opposed to it, though. It's a big loss, but would allow us to play Patterson.  

I don't know if he'd go or not but I definitely think he's the one Gerrard would want.

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Lot's of speculation about which players will stay or go. I expect few will follow Gerrard, who is now pulling his tenners from a far fatter wallet, but I do think a guy like GvB is bound want to bring in a few key players he knows he can trust ... and that means some of the current crop will inevitably have to move on elsewhere.

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  • Frankie changed the title to Official: Gio set to be confirmed as Rangers manager
  • Frankie changed the title to Official: Gio confirmed as Rangers manager

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