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Official: Gio confirmed as Rangers manager

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1 hour ago, ian1964 said:

That's what I've been saying mate! but was told I was acting like Tim!!.


49 minutes ago, Uilleam said:

I don't think that you have acted in this manner.

I could suggest who has done so, but I think you know.

I was kidding! 

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I don't understand the 'timing' criticism?


Was he supposed to turn down Aston Villa because we were half way through a season? And then leave at the end of the season when there''s no job available?


And then the 'he took all the backroom staff' criticism. Well, yes, that's how it works nowadays; managers have their team around them. 


It just sounds like jilted lover stuff to me. 

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1 minute ago, Uilleam said:

Don't be so wet.

He has just ripped the piss out of the Club in organising his move, he has left it in a very deep hole with a stuttering and confused group of players, with no one -at all- to take charge, with very important games on the horizon. Thus we now have a Board having to replace an entire coaching team, in very short order, and with those replacements having to hit the ground running, and running hard.

I don't care about his reasons. I care only about the impact of his decisions on the Club, and I fear that he may have fucked it royally, at least as far as this critical season is concerned. 

Forgive me if I don't wish him God speed and good luck. 















100% agreed mate

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  • Frankie changed the title to Official: Gio set to be confirmed as Rangers manager
  • Frankie changed the title to Official: Gio confirmed as Rangers manager

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