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Official: Gio confirmed as Rangers manager

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13 minutes ago, Uilleam said:

Don't be so wet.

He has just ripped the piss out of the Club in organising his move, he has left it in a very deep hole with a stuttering and confused group of players, with no one -at all- to take charge, with very important games on the horizon. Thus we now have a Board having to replace an entire coaching team, in very short order, and with those replacements having to hit the ground running, and running hard.

I don't care about his reasons. I care only about the impact of his decisions on the Club, and I fear that he may have fucked it royally, at least as far as this critical season is concerned. 

Forgive me if I don't wish him God speed and good luck. 















If the players aren't professional enough to continue to improve without SG, that's on them not SG. 


Managers come and go every day of the week. Loyalty is no longer a word associated with football unfortunately. 


Why focus on the negatives or why focus on someone who has left? Why not focus on what is in front of us? Depending on who we hire, it may turn out to be an upgrade - if rather focus on this rather than wasting what little energy I have on someone who has left (no matter the circumstance of their departure).

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57 minutes ago, CammyF said:

We all knew SG would leave Rangers, we all knew this as soon as he signed up as our manager. 


When is a good time to leave? He is hardly the first Rangers manager to leave during a season.


If someone said to me the day SG signed that he'd leave after delivering 55 and reinstating us as a decent European reputation, I would have taken that.


Let's remember the mess we were in when he took over. Being Scottish Champions felt like it was miles away, and as for Europe, well it was an nightmare. 


He's gone, as we knew he would, the circumstance and merits of his departure could be discussed long into the night, but what's the point? 


Id rather focus my energy on the future, we have a league to win, and it is winnable, we are in pole position despite being a shadow of the team we know we can be. 


Rangers are bigger than any one person, Rangers have survived and prospered worse situations than we find ourselves in at this moment in time.  

You are booked into the dressing room for  3pm next Sunday @CammyF - well said Sir 

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3 hours ago, Uilleam said:

Now the dust, generated by the heels of the management and coaching staff,  has settled, at least partially - enough to see the shape of things:


The 'deal' seems to have been completed very swiftly, so quickly, indeed, that one might assume that more than the bones of an agreement was in place before even a rumour surfaced; the agreement with AV was not rushed; this was no caprice;  Purslow and Gerrard knew.


The manager, the assistant, and the entire coaching/fitness staff have gone, too, leaving the cupboard stripped bare; the support staff must have known, also.


The performances and the results this season have been poor; players, some of them, at least, have been going through the motions; there have been the odd peaks, but very many more troughs. We might call this a malaise, which has infected the playing staff, but this malady has been passed on, it seems, at least partly, from the manager and coaches. Admittedly, some players may not have obtained their 'dream move' last summer, but one wonders if the manager persuaded, coaxed, cajoled, or, somehow, forced, them to stay, and if so, what impact any of these methods have had, beyond finance.

Clearly, whatever remedies, if any, the manager put in place have been less than wholly efficacious, and a number of performances have indicated disenchantment, at best, and complete lack of committment, at worst. 


The next few games, post-break, are, of course, Really Quite Important, including a semi final and a Euro tie. 


We are, now, battered with bullshit, bollox, and bin juice about the the abandonment of the Club....ambition, challenge, bigger budgets, size of AVFC, did well for Rangers, restored prestige, etc. etc. blah, blah, blah...... And, he stopped 10-in-a-row, something which seems of infinitely more importance to the mhanky mhob than to us: I don't regard  8 and a gimme as a 9, and I don't think effective walkovers against, what in betting parlance, we would call also rans, there to make up the numbers, represent an epoch-making achievement. Winning the title is what he and his staff were paid to do.

However, and in whatever way we call it, if not blindingly obvious, it does seem pretty much apparent that the team is underperforming, that it has shown little to persuade us that it will somehow 'click' consistently, (it is difficult to see it approaching last season's standard, which would have eg seen off Malmo, i m h o), that the manager seems bereft of a way to recover form, performances, and results,  and that £5million per annum makes a very convincing, and unarguable, soft landing.


So, Mr Gerrard, and his whole entourage, have left the Club in the lurch, in what appears a somewhat underhand manner, in great, unseemly, haste, and with a team off the boil.

This leaves the Club seeking an entire backroom staff, quickly, as there is really no-one left to take the reins, save, perhaps a couple of senior players. Most pertinent, perhaps, is that the Board now has to engage in a personnel search and negotiate terms, etc, from a position of weakness, if not of total desperation, and that is not a Good Thing. 

Whoever comes in, with staff, may see it as a free hit of a season. That does not fill me with glee, as it is imperative to retain the title, and the new man (or woman, eh?) really has to fire, and to fire up the team, immediately. 


I won't ask, "$teven who?",

because I really want to see Villa relegated. 















Hard to argue with any of that. It’s obvious that Gerrard had been offered the job from Purslow before the permission had been given. However, it would be naive to think these things happen using official process. 
what irks me most is the level of compensation in the clause. That’s probably down to Allen. It’s clear that if Gerrard goes, he takes his entire back room team, so 4million quid is chicken feed compared to what they got for Rogers alone. 
We have been left in the shit and I don’t see us recruiting an employed coach of the required quality and his entire back room team this season. We’ll get a good coach, I hope, but time and patience is required to fill the roles and have them gel with each other. Time we don’t have. This is the most important season in our journey back, we must win the league this season and get that CL money. 

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People miss the point:


It is not what he did (although snidely organising a mass departure behind everybody else's back is pretty, well, reprehensible),

but what he leaves behind ( no coaching or ancillary staff -none- for a significantly disaffected first XI), and the impact of that on the Club that is important. 


He did what he was paid to do, and then took a runout powder when it suited him, leaving the Club in a worse state than China. 






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4 hours ago, CammyF said:

Bookies have it a two man race, is there still time for an outsider to pip them at the post?


GVB still favourite but Lampard odds shortening after removing himself from the running for the Norwich job. 




Wow that’s a depressing list. Hopefully we are looking at some options the press hasn’t got wind of. 

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24 minutes ago, Uilleam said:

People miss the point:


It is not what he did (although snidely organising a mass departure behind everybody else's back is pretty, well, reprehensible),

but what he leaves behind ( no coaching or ancillary staff -none- for a significantly disaffected first XI), and the impact of that on the Club that is important. 


He did what he was paid to do, and then took a runout powder when it suited him, leaving the Club in a worse state than China. 






He was always gonna take his backroom staff with him, wasn't a surprise they all left with him. 


And left us in a worse state than China? Come on...... 


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  • Frankie changed the title to Official: Gio confirmed as Rangers manager

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