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Official: Gio confirmed as Rangers manager

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25 minutes ago, craig said:

He and his team, management and players, should have done what was more than achievable and qualified for the CL.  Can't blame the board for not being able to back them financially when they threw away 30 million


They sure did not. Much of the return here is quantifiable (if that`s a word), as in a title and lots of EL income, other is not - like giving us a team able to challenge something, worth watching etc.. But I know what you mean. Be they businessmen or not, they are also Rangers fans and know that monetary "return" is not the only way to pay investment back.


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25 minutes ago, CammyF said:

Come @craig you can tell us now if KT is involved ?‍♂️?


? Sky Sports News confirm #GVB was on the jet and the official line is that he's here for "further talks".  Contract expected to be signed and a Club unveiling/announcememt is imminent. #RangersFansAssemble ???

Haha.  Nah, he isn't involved, not from what he told me earlier.  Obviously he could be and had to backtrack but doesn't seem likely.  One day though, no doubt about it in my mind.

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13 minutes ago, ascender said:

KT as an assistant/coach would make sense but I'd be amazed if he would be so stupid as to tweet a picture like that if he was to be involved in any way?

Literally told me he couldn't believe how much of a reaction that tweet got.  My words to him were "are you shitting me ?  The whole fanbase is on tenterhooks and you posted that thinking it wouldn't get a reaction" :roflmao:

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35 minutes ago, craig said:

Mate, Malmo were down to 10 men for 45 minutes and we were at 1-1 on aggregate.  That game should have been closed out comfortably.  The next opponents Malmo pumped to get into the CL.  They threw away 30 million when you factor in the guarantees, possible points bonuses, ticket sales and merchandising.  The numbers don't really lie.


What is the other way to pay investment back if not monetary ?  Regardless, that's a red herring.  The "investors" may indeed be Rangers men but they have already put many millions in, our latest results showed a 24 million loss and there is a need to find a further 8 million to see out the season.


Gerrard and his team, management and players, threw away any "right" they had to want to strengthen the team when they capitulated at home to Malmo.  If Gerrard was pissed about that he should also consider that the Board went with his wishes not to sell Goldson and they also held onto every major player at the club, despite the financial implications.  It is incredibly churlish to think Gerrard walked because he didn't get financial backing when he and his team could have done more to justify the spend.

I knew at the end of last season that we werent good enough for CL.   The Europa runs were great to watch but the manner in which we went out spoke volumes.  The ease in which Gerrards tactics were nullified spoke volumes to me at least that we were just not good enough for the main stage.  I said so to two Celtic supporting mates who came to my house to pay their debts ( 20 quid each per old firm game litre of jack for the league) and i was proven correct.  After being schooled by leverkusen i hoped Gerrard would have learned from it but he never.  The following season was a carbon copy of the last.  I did though expect to beat malmo.  As for Gerrard,  im not buying the all of a sudden job offer from his from his good chum at villa.   I wouldnt be surprised if he packed his bags weeks ago judging by the speed he left.  

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6 hours ago, Bill said:

You might want to explain that to me because, short of them spying on their employees, I'd say the opposite was probably true.

I would say they must have known he was unhappy and have someone waiting in the wings to take over 

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  • Frankie changed the title to Official: Gio set to be confirmed as Rangers manager
  • Frankie changed the title to Official: Gio confirmed as Rangers manager

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