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Official: Gio confirmed as Rangers manager

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3 hours ago, craig said:

Mate, Malmo were down to 10 men for 45 minutes and we were at 1-1 on aggregate.  That game should have been closed out comfortably.  The next opponents Malmo pumped to get into the CL.  They threw away 30 million when you factor in the guarantees, possible points bonuses, ticket sales and merchandising.  The numbers don't really lie.


What is the other way to pay investment back if not monetary ?  Regardless, that's a red herring.  The "investors" may indeed be Rangers men but they have already put many millions in, our latest results showed a 24 million loss and there is a need to find a further 8 million to see out the season.


Gerrard and his team, management and players, threw away any "right" they had to want to strengthen the team when they capitulated at home to Malmo.  If Gerrard was pissed about that he should also consider that the Board went with his wishes not to sell Goldson and they also held onto every major player at the club, despite the financial implications.  It is incredibly churlish to think Gerrard walked because he didn't get financial backing when he and his team could have done more to justify the spend.

Ah ... I was not thinking about Malmö and the CL, but the money SG were given in his tenure. No doubt about the Malmö fiasco.



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58 minutes ago, CammyF said:

Board meeting to approve funding of variation to previously agreed transfer budget? Or more likely it's just bullshit

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  • Frankie changed the title to Official: Gio set to be confirmed as Rangers manager
  • Frankie changed the title to Official: Gio confirmed as Rangers manager

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