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Aston Villa Interested In Glen Kamara

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On ‎13‎/‎11‎/‎2021 at 15:28, Ted McMinnime said:

Absolutely correct. I've seen Aribo, Kamara and Kent all linked with moves to Villa in the last couple of hours alone. It's all clickbait and soundbites with no substance at all. I also don't buy into this school of thought that Gerrard knows details of all the players release clauses either. Generally speaking contracts will be drawn up with player, agent and DOF. Commercial in confidence. The manager may well be alerted when a bid is made, but it's ridiculous to think he has a little black book or the like so he can shaft us should there be a bid from Villa for one of our players.

It wouldn't matter anyway - if Gerrard wants Kamara it wouldnt matter what his release clause is because Kamara's agent would just tell Villa anywayi

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23 hours ago, Blue Moon said:

I love Ryan Kent and on his game he is really special and a match winner and there is a but.   He lacks consistency, can fall out of games and for all his possession the end product can be poor.  I am not sure he would be a success in the PL.


Having said all of that I don't want to lose him.

The thing with Kent for me - and you saw it against Ross County - is that it isn't just the end product that Kent brings to the team.  We often forget that Kent actually opens up more space when he plays because, when he wasn't in the team, opponents actually pushed their back line higher, squeezing all the space out of the midfield because we didn't have any pace either side to hurt them.  Kent comes back into the team and all of a sudden there is more space - because opponents genuinely fear his pace to get in behind them if they play a high line.

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53 minutes ago, craig said:

We often forget that Kent actually opens up more space when he plays

We were complaining the attacking play was sideways and backwards, almost static. Kent sets off on a diagonal run, right to left. That compels whoever is out on the left to move forwards or inwards even backwards but that player will likely take a defender with him and so the defence opens up a bit giving opportunities for the other attackers. I hadn’t realised this until he was out for so long.

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3 hours ago, CammyF said:

Kent also gets us "up the pitch" into the opponents defensive 3rd very quickly. He wins corners and free-kick and can either deliver a cross / pass or a goal scoring threat. 

That has been our problem all season.   Kent certainly got back to his best since he came back but we need more from others.   Aribo frustrates the life out me in particular.   Fantastic  skill but his end product falls way short.   If we got a decent bid for him id take it.   

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Aribo, Kamara and Kent are the obvious players for Gerrard to want to sign - I say that without knowing much about the current Villa squad. Of those three, I think Kent would be the biggest loss to us as we've seen from how we've played when he's nee unavailable or unfit.

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1 hour ago, Bill said:

If Purslow is giving Gerrard the war chest being touted in the press, I doubt he'll lower himself to shop for bargains at Ibrox. 

If he does get significant funds to spend, he could easily spend some of that on a player or two without making a dent in it - we'd get a reasonable fee and they'd get players he's worked-with already which would make it the very definition of low risk for Villa.

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