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[FT] Rangers 1 (Arfield 40) - 3 Hibernian

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Pure crap from team can't blame coaches as they did not make the mistakes on the field.First goal,probably 5th time this season,came from the area where Tav and Connor should be covering,second a decent goal but again cover suspect and third soft penalty but that's Clancy.

For Thursday out with McGregor,Tav,Kamara,Aribo and in with McLaughlin, Paterson,Jack and Wright at the very least.

Nearly left at half-time---wish I did.

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In retrospect it was a predictable result after putting the squad under the control of lesser men, who simply picked the team they imagined Gerrard would have fielded, without any regard for the opposition in question. 


I'm going to go against the grain to an extent and say I think it's harsh to place Goldson in the same category as the likes of Tavernier. Too often our central defenders were left totally unsupported against two very pacy forwards, with both fullbacks often upfield and scant protection from midfield. It was also noticeable that at corners it was always Goldson who was striving to get to the cross ball. Either Jack or Lundstam should have started in a defensive midfield role and only one fullback should have been forward at one time.


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2 minutes ago, Blue Moon said:

I find it astonishing that Kamara's dreadful performance has barely been mentioned.  Constantly out of position and careless in his distribution.  

Kamara was a waste of a shirt today.


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The only "good" thing that came of today`s game was that Gio saw all of (de facto) SG`s hand-picked starting-eleven (for months) at work and how they and the lamented tactic failed.


Goldson and Tavernier have lost their right to be starting players.

Davis might very well work when games are won or we need some order, but if we have him, we don`t need Kamara. The latter has fine ball control, but probably needs players of his calibre to work with. He`s rarely getting forward and that sure doesn`t help in 8 out of 10 Scottish games. In any case, we hardly need 2 DMs (or players in that position).

Aribo and Kent went missing again. Yes, they gave it some shot, but far too often (and not that uncommon of late), nothing came of it. Every other game, Kent doesn`t look no better than Barker, and one wonder strike like the one against Ross County can`t paper over what we saw today.

Barisic looked more like himself today, but there was hardly anyone to aim at or to play with, as Aribo and Kent were all over the place.

Arfield more or less kept his slot and ran his socks off, he, alongside Balogun (and perhaps Barisic) came away from today with something close to pass marks.

Tactics were wrong from the off. We played a team to fight Hibs off the park, rather than "play our style" - in a way we can play. For that the top three need to click, and TBH, IMHO our "front line" was shocking.

For the love of the game, I can't understand why we keep giving Alfredo starts. The chap can be a beast in front of goal, but for weeks if not months he just doesn`t look comfortable, fit and willing.

So please Gio, give us a 3-4-3 or a 3-5-2 with true wingers, one DM (by today`s look, Jack or Lundstram) and at least two real strikers. Preferably Sakala and Roofe.

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