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[FT] Rangers 1 (Arfield 40) - 3 Hibernian

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A final thanks to SG and his band. Your game plan, your team selection, your tactics, your players. No attackers against a decent defence, a fine DM that has lots of possession, and a defence that ONCE in your time here was tight. Do us a favour and make a smash and grab for Goldson and Tavernier, perhaps Morelos too. We need some cash to rebuild us to a championship winning side. 

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Sloppy, incoherent, wasteful, slow and aimless. This game all but sums us up this season. 


Maybe not the time for this but Morelos should have been sold if 16 million was on the table. We would be lucky to get anything over 2/3 million for him now. 


Oh well, at least Gio got a good view of what's ahead of him.

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Can all fuck off.  

Only good thing to come out of this is that gio seen how shit this lot are.   Fucking joke performances from tav and barasic in particular.  Davis ? Hes passeed the point of no return and has no place in our side.   What is it kamara does?  I have no idea.  


We need an overhaul and id listen to any offers for the above players

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The first half was a clusterfcuk.


Still, 1-3 at the interval and all to play for, the next goal would be most important.


The second half lasted 50 minutes.


We played in front, around and, down the sides. We got in behind once, we crossed in half-a-dozen balls and, we put the laces through three shots, all deflected for corners. The Hibs Keeper came for one ball and grasped it, he punched another.


Hibs managed the entire fifty minutes, absolutely. Macey did NOT have one save to make.

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I think everyone needs to calm down with the 'sell everyone' patter. 


This team won the league last season. 


As I've been saying all season, this team hasn't started; we're stale. This result has been coming for weeks. 


What we need is new ideas to refresh and galvanise the team. 


Enter, Gio. :D 

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It was a typical performance from us.  I'm now wondering how this lot won the title so convincingly last season. I don't think Gio knows what he signed up for. He thinks he's coming in to manage a team of Champions but if he doesn't have a fire sale in Jan and bring in some players with a backbone, I can't see it ending well for him.  

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