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The Winter 2021/22 Rangers Transfer Window Rumours and Deals - Thread

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8 hours ago, Sutton_blows_goats said:

I believe Lundstram was brought in as a replacement of sorts but for me he doesn't fit into this team.  Not sure what his role is. He cant protect the back 4 like a Kamara or Davis (who is such a good footballer he can play anywhere in midfield), nor can he play as a 10 like a , Arfield, Hagi, Aribo. I just dont know what his role is. Jack is an ideal 6.


With the latest news on Roofe I'd be looking to get a striker in on loan in Jan or recall Itten if he is not playing. A bit pee'd off that a guy with a career history of injury problems has decided at 29 to go play international football for Jamaica but here we are.

In the main, I like what I've seen of Lundstram but agree, it's difficult to see where he fits into our team / formation. 


Roofe is the most intelligent striker we have, he see' s things others don't and would say he is the 2nd best finisher we have behind JD. The only comparison I have between Roofe and Itten is like a Rolex and a Timex. The question is do we prefer a Rolex that needs the odd repair or a Timex (perfectly reliable but not a Rolex)..... 😀

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6 hours ago, der Berliner said:

Some more rumours ...

Bologna are willing to sell Skov Olsen, and they are also interested in signing Stryger Larsen. R. Sociedad, Rangers and Besiktas are some clubs that would potentially try and sign the young right-winger.






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Id take Skov Olsen in a heartbeat. If we can get a loan to buy for 6 months with a future fee for the summer when the likes of Aribo inevitably go. 


Tall cultured forward. Dont think he has the running speed or power of a similar tall Dane but sky high potential. I think he would benefit playing for us in an attacking sense where he will have much more freedom. Can play wide right as an inverted winger (left footed) of we could use him as a 10.


Edit - watched some youtube footage of him last night and it looks like Bologna use him as a right wing back. Think he would relish a more attacking role with us.

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