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The Winter 2021/22 Rangers Transfer Window Rumours and Deals - Thread

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9 minutes ago, Tannochsidebear said:

Why so? I've never heard of him, and if PSG are letting him go on a free at only 18 he obviously hasn't impressed them enough to earn a new deal.

Mate Guardiola and Klopp rate him as one of the best talents in the world. He is touted as the new Mbappe Messi etc etc. 


Realistically we have literally no chance he could go anywhere and no doubt will. 


Maybe as he is Dutch and wants to be playing every week at 18 and only on 17k a week just now we have some kind of tiny chance but one thing is for sure it would rock football if we got him and not just Scottish football. 


Of course he could be shite like many rated 18 year olds turn out to be but he is sure as hell highly rated as a prospect. 




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4 hours ago, Sutton_blows_goats said:

Linked with Xavi Simons of PSG


https://www.sport.es/es/noticias/barca/nuevo-posible-destino-xavi-simons-12930999 - twitter feed link


Supposedly the boy and his agent (a certain Mino Raiola) want him playing 1st team football. Id imagine if we were to get a deal arranged it would come with caveats of 1st team football. He is available on a free. It would probably be similar to the Boumsong arrangement where the player would come here, play well and win a big money move elsewhere with player & agent making a big % of the transfer fee. I wouldn't be against that and the agent would ensure a decent fee for the boy I'm sure.

Too small to play in Scotland 


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We will now get linked with numerous Dutch talents , just like at the start of the Gerrard era , when it was numerous Liverpool youth players , lazy journalism and click bait .

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