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The Winter 2021/22 Rangers Transfer Window Rumours and Deals - Thread

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Funny how the Scottish premier players are still looked as inferior we know Morelos can score goals but would be lucky to get 12 million a d yet a striker leaves Burnley for 25 million who's goalscoring record is pretty grim 

It's a funny old game .

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13 hours ago, DMAA said:

Agree with your post but just thought I’d point out that this bit isn’t true. He’s done the same Achilles twice. He’s done the other Achilles once. His other major issue has been a recurring ankle issue. This appears to have been resolved with surgery in 2019 if I recall correctly. 

Wasnt aware of that, thanks for pointing that out. Hopefully all behind him now.

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According to The Times, no longer a paper of record, mind,


"A quick recap of Souttar’s tribulations: early in 2017 it was an achilles tendon rupture; in 2018 a hip injury; in 2019 an ankle issue; in 2020 another damaged achilles and then just two months after recovering, the same injury yet again."



Overall, seems a bit of a punt. 

He hasn't, it seems, had a major knee injury; inevitably, that will change if he joins us. 

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21 hours ago, Frankie said:

RE: Defoe, his three years were a fantastic cameo from a naturally gifted striker.


Loved watching the guy play when called upon as he had the kind of attitude and approach to the game that every young player should examine very closely.

Cant disagree with any of that Frankie but like Davis he should have been let go at the end of last season.  Fantastic servants to the club but I fell we held on to then longer than we should have.

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40 minutes ago, rbr said:

anything we get serious transfer wise is a bonus .

It's more of a necessity than a bonus.  Buy low, sell high is how the club needs to operate.

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