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[FT] Rangers 2 (Morelos 15, 49) - 0 Sparta Prague

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I think we'll see more traditional wingers. (The two #10s we've been running was Gerrard's quirk.) 


It'll probably be a 4-2-3-1.


Kent should be one of the wingers, but I don't know who else can play there? Barker in from the cold? :D 


Pep likes wide wingers, often using forwards, so what about Morelos out wide? 

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Given the lack of width we've had lately due to the awful form of Tav and Barisic then Gio may well ask Kent and Wright to hug the touchline with Sakala as the focal point.


Wouldn't surprise me to see a front two with Kent or Hagi in behind though.


As always there are plenty of options but we need hunger, tempo and quality if we're to make any system work.

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As Frankie says, the 3 things we need more than any other is hunger, tempo and quality.

All have been sadly lacking in our performances all season.


What got me was when watching the tims match at the weekend, they only managed a few shots on target due to the St Johnstone players throwing themselves at almost every shot that was goal bound, even Porteous threw himself in front of Kamaras shot in the second half, they showed hunger in abundance, that along with tempo and quality wins you football matches, not the tippy tappy powder puff stuff we have been served recently.

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