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Russia, Ukraine

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There will be weapons designers and manufacturers looking forward to the laboratory of war, preparing to collect and analyse data to determine effectiveness and incorporate lessons learned into the next generation of death-dealers. I just hope whatever the UK and US are currently shipping into Ukraine will come as a bitter surprise to the Ruskies and remind them that the West isn't yet completely emasculated by their agents of discontent and wokery. There could be no better outcome for Europe than Putin getting a bloody nose and a flood of body bags being sent back to Russia. One thing is for sure, there will be very little help coming from France or Germany.

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My son has a flight booked from Moscow on Sunday after arriving from Belarus earlier that day - not a great time to be in the skies in that area. I'm still not convinced that the build up is any more than a negotiating tactic but events will out. 

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Read some reports earlier in the week about Liz Truss.  Still being circulated and I don't see any denial yet.


Apparently she refused to acknowledge Russian sovereignty over two regions inside Russia.  This was based on either one of two things.  Either she is ignorant of basic facts about geography or she couldn't keep up with the conversation.  It's the kind of mistake that could lead to a more serious situation if the Russians considered her to be serious in any way.  As it is her opposite number just used it as an opportunity to mock her.


Britain needs to stop pretending that it can do anything about events at the Russia/Ukraine border.  Perhaps diplomatic efforts would be better off directed to discouraging N.A.T.O. from pushing further East.

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I don't know the facts of course but I'm not sure NATO did any eastward pushing. I do remember that after the collapse of the Soviet Union there were lots of eastern European countries desperately trying to find shelter in the EU and NATO, primarily as an insurance against the inevitable day when Russia would again come knocking on their doors.


The idea that the west wants to encroach on Russian territory is an absurd excuse for Russia to flex its considerable muscle. Russia feels it needs to bolster its western borders because it knows the day is coming when it will need to be able to focus all its attention on the other Mordor to its east, China. 



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