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Official: Full capacities back from Monday but with restrictions

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Will calling the SPL early, and awarding the title to Pederastyfootballclub, on whatever novel, but soon to be established (at least until something that suits the nonces better is identified) precedent -say, most corners and expected Goals- mean that neither it, nor us, will be permitted a tilt at European glory, in the Euro Vase (us) and the Chumps' Chalice (them)?

A major quandary could arise, if the fhilth goes on a mazy run through Europe's minor clubs -stranger things, but few worse, not even at sea, have happened- prior to reaching the point where the League may be determined in its favour.


Could we see an having-the-cake-and-eating-it scenario, where the League is stopped, but FCShameless is allowed to continue in Euro competition?

Would Neilly bhoy play the National Coefficient card? 

Would he play it if Rangers was still involved in the more prestigious of the two competitions?


I don't think that this question arose last time, when they cheated their way to 8.75 in a row,  all Scottish sides, by then, being out of Europe, i I r c. 



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I don't think the league will be called early again.  There's far more likely to be a continuation of matches being played with no crowds/restrictions on attendances (maybe every Winter until we realise life has to go on).


Or 'The New Normal', as some like to call it.



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Yeah different scenario this time - there are no "9"-in-a-row sponsorship bonuses at stake, no "next step to ten" title at stake. 


However, depending on the coefficient there could be immediate access to circa £30M CL money, so the goalposts may change.......


One things for sure, their interests will be top of the agenda and our board will sit back and let it unfold without even a whimper of protest. 

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The current fixtures list is scrapped. The rhandom computer is churning out a new list of conventional fixtures for eleven clubs. Every one of the eleven has to write to the twelfth to ask when it can play. And for how long.

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