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Official: Full capacities back from Monday but with restrictions

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Let's face it, with the horrible incompetent folk in charge of both the SPFL and the kiddy on government in Edinburgh, there is absolutely no chance in hell this is a 3 week window with no fans and then we are back at 50,000 at Ibrox. 


I dont think we will get inside a full Ibrox again until Easter at the earliest. Obviously hope i'm wrong but wee Nippy and her cohorts have plenty of previous.


The bheasts will know this also and are only wanting the break brought forward to get their squad back fit before they play us. 


Everyone else in the SPFL will of course vote along with the bheasts, as they will swallow the empty promises of an early break and full houses straight afterwards, which is virtually impossible to make happen.


The only thing we can do about it is not allow our players to go to Africa if/when the fixtures are rescheduled for the same timeframe as the African Cup, and other than that, just keep winning and have up our sleeve that the bheasts were running scared of us and use it as incentive to knock them over at full strength in their own midden when we finally get the chance.

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4 minutes ago, JohnMc said:

Rangers first priority should be the health of our supporters, players and staff, everything else should be secondary. Based on the available public health advice the game on Boxing Day shouldn't have a crowd at it. As has been pointed out by others the likelihood of these crowd reduction measures being reversed by mid-January seem slim, so for me whether we go into a winter break now or in early January as planned is fairly moot, we'll all be playing behind closed doors at some point I think. 


The argument that a delay to mid-January will benefit Celtic as it allows them more time to get players fit is fair, but with Balugun, Barasic, Davis and Roofe, all potential starters if fit, also in danger of missing out perhaps a delay might not be that bad for us either. 


The African Cup of Nations taking possibly 3 of our players away for nearly a month is a problem. Losing 3 players does mean we can legitimately ask for postponements of matches but that would really cause fixture chaos, particularly if our next 3 matches are postponed as well. The club is well within its rights to point that out. 


I suspect Rangers, and every other club in Scotland, will be looking to minimise the number of matches played with few or no spectators allowed in. A look at last year's accounts shows just how important having a full Ibrox is for the club's finances, and that applies to every club up here. There's no fat for us to fall back on, losing our biggest revenue stream, again, provides some significant challenges for our board. I can understand why bringing the winter break forward is appealing to many boardrooms, if it means there's a chance of fewer matches being played behind closed doors. Of course no one actually knows the answer to that. Politically these recent measures have been unpopular, and with populist governments in place in Edinburgh and Westminster, it maybe that opinion polls rather than health advice carry more weight around cabinet tables this time round. So maybe restrictions won't last as long as they did last year. Or maybe they will, no one knows for sure. (I'm not trying to make a political point or agree or disagree with Government and public health advice. So don't @ me, I don't care.)


All we can expect of anyone in our boardroom, or any other club's, is to deal with what they know, not what they suspect. For now that means a loss of crowds and revenue for 3 matches. That being the case bringing the winter break forward and so moving those 3 matches to later in the season is the sensible thing to do, even for Rangers. 


As an aside, as none of us really know what will happen, it's worth remembering that Celtic are in the Vauxhall Conference Euro Cup. Despite everything that's a tournament they could reasonably expect to progress quite far in. It's not inconceivable that come March and April Celtic are still playing European matches while trying to fit in 5 postponed SPFL matches around a diminishing fixture calendar. I think our board should be looking to book a tour of Japan for this summer, just in case. 

What a load of rubbish, honestly!


I did warn earlier to watch out for the, ahem, kind of person that would fall for it.

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The vote completely stinks.  Not least because it has three options.  Governance for cretins I guess.


One option, play as intended, makes sense.  Some teams may be unable to fulfil fixtures.  Postpone those specific matches.


The other two options are idiotic.  We don't know when fans will be permitted back.  There are not enough free match days to complete the delayed fixtures prior to the intended date of the split.  The idea that a handful of teams should lose matchday income on boxing day, while others might be protected, is blatantly unfair.

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STV Grampian reporting clubs have failed to come to a majority decision, all lower leagues voting to continue playing and SPFL Board to make the final decision for SPFL. 

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