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Confirmed: Rangers Sign James Sands

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Really interested to see where he will play for us, if its at CB or DM. 


Would be surprised if CB as we are well stocked and Leon King needs a path to the first team. But then he may be brought in to take over from goldson.


DM is probably Kamaras role but then there may be games where we want Kamara and another DM to keep things a bit tighter.


Gio keeps us guessing thats for sure.

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1 hour ago, the gunslinger said:

Certainly Gio doesn't seem to have much faith in Davis. Perhaps Kamara is off?

I think Davis will be off at the end of he season. Maybe retire. Gio will be planning ahead.

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I’m optimistic on Sands. I’ve long thought Davis, while very good on the ball, doesn’t provide enough protection to the defence as our DM at 37 years old. He’s not known for aggression, tackling or obviously mobility (particularly important for counter attacks). That has to be caveated with the fact that we conceded 13 goals in the league last season, but we were often wide open in Europe and this season we leaked goals domestically too when Davis was playing. 

I’ve looked at a number of videos of Sands and looked at his stats too and he looks like he would provide very good protection of the defence. His defensive duels numbers are very good, both in the air and on the ground. His interception numbers are very good too, something Davis is good at.


On the ball he is quite limited, levels below Davis really. Technically I would say he is fine but not great for a DM. But he seems to be good at forward passing (short passing) despite that, his forward passing numbers are very good. That could be because he’s been playing for the best team in his league though. So I think he would be quite a traditional defensive midfielder who would shore us up and improve our goals conceded and we have needed that kind of player imo, but maybe not be ideal against a parked bus at Ibrox. 

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