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Lou Reed - Transformer.

Blackfoot Sue - Standing in the road

The Sweet - 

The Move - California Man..B side - Do Ya.

The Raspberries

Alice Cooper - Schools out

Neu - Neu

Mott - All the young dudes


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On 09/01/2022 at 21:56, Gonzo79 said:

I love Free but Free At Last is their worst album, by quite a distance.  


Nice summary of your recollections though, Ted.  👍

Cheers Gonzo. On reflection you are correct about Free at Last. Sentimentality has played a big part here. I think it was the last album with the original line up? Andy Fraser left and Kossoff was largely out of it on the next album Heartbreaker (also released in 1972) but it wasn't the same imo.

Great that a number of you younger Gersnetter dudes love the music from this era. 50 years on - it still rocks!🤩

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32 minutes ago, Ted McMinnime said:

I think it was the last album with the original line up? Andy Fraser left and Kossoff was largely out of it on the next album Heartbreaker (also released in 1972) but it wasn't the same imo.

Aye, it was.  Bit of a messy affair in comparison to the unbelievable tightness demonstrated on their first four studio albums.


Heartbreaker was released in January 1973.


Kossoff's vibrato will never be beaten!


I've attempted to get my son (10) into some good music but he's not showing much interest...yet.

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Before starting the Barcelona Bound thread, I made a few pages of notes on events of 1971-72. I did Politics, Music, events, ........... etc. On music, I penned a notation about becoming an avid New Musical Express reader. My local Newsagent had a weekly order for both the NME and the Rangers News. I remember reading a double page piece on Todd Rundgren's then new album, 'Something, Anything' and deciding that as soon as the cash was available, I would purchase the double LP. The article told of Todd's influences, he was immersed in Philly Soul. Hardly surprising, he was Philadelphia born and bred.


My local record shop was on Cadzow Street, bottom cross, Hamilton. I achieved a couple of firsts, buying my first double album and ordering an Import. The store owner convinced(hectored) me into ordering 'Runt' by Rundgren too. Apparently, it was necessary to understanding Something, Anything? I had a month to find the dosh for an Import. An album was approx £2.50, an Import was the best part of an extra quid. Thankfully, an intervening Birthday provided the money, I walked in with a fiver on my hip. Store owner told me 'Runt' had arrived with another Import, 'La La means I love You' by the Philly harmony group, 'the Delfonics'. I could have both for five pounds.


La La was never an Import but it was wonderful, the epitome of Philly, funk crackling through lush orchestrations. I still have both albums but no means to play the vinyl. I have forgiven the record store owner and regularly access YouTube for the delights of the Delfonics and early Todd. The next year saw Rundgren release his seminal work, 'A Wizard, a True Star'; the number of artists that decided to be influenced by this album is impressive. It has everything, including a medley of Delfonic covers. Todd then went on to form his own band, 'Utopia' - Prawg Rawk pysh, the least said the better.


Rundgren went on to Produce some of the best - the Band, Badfinger, Sparks, Hall and Oates, Janis Joplin, and unfortunately, Meatloaf.


I believe the NME is confined to an on line presence these days, does anyone still read it?


Any Gersnetters prepared to be interested in Philly Soul, start with the O-Jays, the Stylistics and Todd's, 'I saw the Light'. A better entry for some might be Bowie's 'Young Americans' - a rip off or homage, you decide?

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I've got over 3,700 albums on my iTunes and only 3 from 1972. Not a great year for my music tastes.


On 08/01/2022 at 22:05, Gonzo79 said:

David Bowie - The Rise And Fall...


On 09/01/2022 at 13:08, CammyF said:

Lou Reed – Transformer
Roxy Music – Roxy Music


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19 minutes ago, Ted McMinnime said:

I just knew it. Totally overlooked that one. What a voice Roger Chapman had.

I saw Chapman in the summer of '75, he was heading his new band, the Streetwalkers. The gig was an all day(12 hours) at Sellik Park. You saw 6 bands for a fiver, the bill was Widowmaker(Steve Ellis), The Outlaws, The Streetwalkers, Little Feat(Lowell George), the Sensational Alex Harvey Band and, the Who headlined. Myself and three Uni' mates attended, sat and stood on the pitch.


I was there to see Little Feat, loved the band, still do. Steve Ellis and Alex Harvey were a bonus. My mates loved the Who. It was a lovely sunny day and one lad's mother worked in Lanarkshire School Dinners. He brought a catering size tin of tangerines which we buried a couple of feet under the pitch. I would love to think it is still in place?


The NME used to refer to Chapman as, 'the Electric Goat'.

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