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[FT] Ross County 3 - 3 Rangers (Diallo 5; Tavernier 49; Goldson 72)

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38 minutes ago, DMAA said:

Showed our wide players how it’s done today. 


It was a good goal: he stays wide then attacks the back post. 


If we could only get both wingers doing that!

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Gio seems to like his team to score a goal then sit back and defend it!!, these players can't do that, I hope I'm wrong but it looks that way to me, I much prefer the attacking tactics that we used to do under SG.

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10 minutes ago, DMAA said:

Like clockwork, they score a winner in the 90th minute. 

Right after Biton was sent off!

We will still hump the BEASTS 👍

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If we lose the league this season, it it looks increasingly likely that we will, mark today as the day the momentum swung. 6 point lead to 1 in 3 games. Horrific form going into biggest game of season with players who look scared stiff of anyone they face.


We lose a goal in injury time, they score a winner in injury time even when they are down to 10 men. They appear to have an appetite about that we don't. 


Serious questions need asking as to what's gone wrong. We won the league by a country mile last season, and even given for a "slump" should have had enough. 


However they've strengthened whilst we've stood still / regressed. Two days to readdress that, but anyone coming in now will be a panic buy and they never turn out well. 


We need strong leadership but our board have shown no appetite for a fight. 


Skunnered beyond belief


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