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Rangers pull out of Sydney Super Cup

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1 hour ago, ascender said:

I'd be surprised if there's any disparity in the finances - our board seem to be all over that aspect of things these last couple of years - so I'd treat it as shit stirring just now.

Even if we get the same amount of money from it as Celtic, it doesn't help us gain an advantage as they get the same as us.. its pointless.

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Truly, I am surprised at Sellik telling us that this proposed friendly match is a goer.


Given the situation in Ukraine and those brave Bhoys of the Green Brigade currently engaged in stopping Russian Motor Rifle Divisions, will the lhads and lhassies be granted leave to travel to attend the match? This situation requires foresight and penetrative thought, you cannot just disengage Green Brigade Flying Columns at the drop of a Leprechaun's hat.

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There is no way celtc are getting more for this than us. However this is where we have led ourselves. 


Biscgrove won't care he will be getting a cut of the fee in his bonus. Indeed he may well have a duty to the business to take this in theory. 


the other directors have let us down here. January was a shambles too btw

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I'm not a fan of this idea, but going by the reactions of others, I'm in one of the low percentiles of pissed-offness.


I hate being in the same stadium as their fans. I'm glad we stopped giving them a whole stand at Ibrox, and any excuse to shut them out completely suits me. But I've no intention of going to Sydney, so in that regard this exhibition match makes no difference to me. If others are happy to pay their money for it that's their business.


Also, to play devil's advocate, it was a certainty we'd have organised warm weather training during the world cup break, and probably have arranged attendance at an invitational mini-tournament too. That's an expensive business. By agreeing to play them not only is the cost covered, but we'll also get enough money for a signing or two.


None of that changes my opinion of Septic or the groin brigade.

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I’ve only recently sung his praises but I believe James Bisgrove should now take his undoubted talents elsewhere. 

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8 hours ago, ian1964 said:

Like it or not, that died when they tried to kill us! and for the last 10 years have continued to not recognise us as Rangers! refuse to use our name or refer to the old firm, their directors included!.

But the worst part of it all is that disgusting club are now going through the courts for decades of child abuse! I have no idea what the victims of that child abuse are thinking when they read about this money making stunt? I can only assume horrified!!, we should play no part in this cash grab! if we are really that short of cash then I am very worried about the financial state of our club!!.

This all day long. 


I'm sickened by this decision and plan to write to the club over the weekend. I fear it'll make no difference but the (or any) response I get from the club will determine if I renew next season. 


Money should irrelevant in this no matter our financial state. 

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