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5 minutes ago, Uilleam said:

You can claim exemption when incarcerated.

Identify as a woman, and get locked up in Cornton Vale. With a bit of luck, there will be some actual female adult humans left inside.

Sounds more complicated than I'd hoped for. I was think more of an arrangement where both sides just agree to ignore each other. The state doesn't bother me and I instal a cess tank and dig a well for water. Job done.

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This census nothing but another nationalist divisive manoeuvre.


The census was 2021

The other 3 UK territories managed to complete the skull count last year.


The Snatzis, using the bat flu as a diversion have succeeded in separating the North British count.

They should have been forced to undertake the census last year.


I've binned my paperwork,  got a doorstep a few days ago asking if I needed help completing the census,  I asked why it wasn't done last year and if it will realign in 2031.

No answers, so told the guy it was an illegitimate data gathering charade and I will be sending my household data to Westminster,  asked him not to darken my door again unless he was representing a credible regulatory organisation 

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Anything over half a million failing to respond will effectively render the entire operation worthless and force ScotGov to start again. Nothing the SNP has ever touched has turned out to be anything but an embarrassing failure. Astonishing consistency.

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