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Two bald men (Club 1872 and Rangers FC) fight over a comb

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When I bought my shares in the IPO I considered it a donation rather than an investment - I never had any expectation that I'd make money.


What irks me about it isn't that the share price has plummeted, it's that the money we put in was squandered/purloined by the arseholes who were in charge at the time.


Still, it all more-or-less worked out in the end when we lifted 55.

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On 30/03/2022 at 13:06, stewarty said:

The Bitci fan tokens sold out "within seconds", was the headline.   20m token @ €0.15 euros per token, raising €3m/£2.5m... (though no idea what the club's commission is on that).


Today they are €0.04 per token, so 27% of their original value.

I would be surprised if many Rangers supporters purchased them.


Anybody know anyone that did?


Failing that has anybody noticed anyone online that bought them?



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On 30/03/2022 at 07:34, the gunslinger said:

Rangers should have had nothing to do with Cryptocurrency. Said it at the time and still believe it. 

Certainly not in the forms used so far.


The chosen partners look poor.


Apart from that cryptoassets in general have such low adoption that next to nobody in the support will have any use for it.

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