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Considering the things that have occurred at that disgusting club, I think that is pretty low down the list of things to pull them up for.


They have facilitated and then covered up the sexual abuse of young boys (by multiple participants), as well as providing a platform for the support of proscribed terrorist organisations. 

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You wouldn't think they would be that bothered about losing to a team that doesn't even have a name and has only been going 10 years and yet they seem so bitter. Very strange.

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They're just pandering to their support with stuff like that, but its also symptomatic of the total lack of respect they have for us.... unless there's a few £££ in it for them.

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And yet......and yet, there remain supoprters who will argue that we have to 'build bridges' with these people.


Perhaps we should remind them who, and what, the Pontifex Maximus actually is, and ask them to note that he is unlikely to wish anything other than damnation upon us, for our steadfast refusal to jettison heresy, apostasy, etc




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