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Happy Birthday to her Majesty

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History seems littered with bastards like Charles Edward Stuart, who were willing to forment any amount amount of individual suffering and social destruction in pursuit of personal gain. Of real interest is the social psychology that allows an unjustified reputation to endure and strengthen over almost 300 years.


The monster in the Kremlin is currently showing us that nothing has changed. 

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28 minutes ago, ian1964 said:


The insane ramblings of remainers and snowflakes who are looking for non existant nazis hiding under their beds. I'm surprised at GB news for giving these loons publicity, but this has become normal for GB news lately on slow news days, especially with the middle class Eco loons.

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Republicanism is a legitimate aspiration but it’s unfortunate that this individual is unable to express herself persuasively. She should also know the Union Flag is the flag of the country, not the flag of the monarchy.

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9 hours ago, ian1964 said:


It really is a pity that riff raff like this charmer can't be interned on a remote island, away from decent society.

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