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20 minutes ago, ranger_syntax said:

You might be right about all of this. But if you are right, particularly about human nature, then there are implications for any comparison between N.A.T.O. Russia and China (All populated by humans).

Take nations out of the equation. One world one nationality. We will find something else to fight over. Colour, religion, aftershave etc.

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It's usually land, money or power that prompts war.  


I think it's probably power that Putin's interested in.



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36 minutes ago, stewarty said:

Still chuckling at the idea that r_s gives two flying f***s about "poor" people.


He's schrondinger's lefty.

There does appear to be a widespread assumption that people on the right must favour liberal imperialism.


I have no idea why people think this.


I don't think that anything I've said about this is inherently right, or left, wing.

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A relative called me a 'Tory' for voting to Leave the EU and again for questioning Covid-19 restrictions.  Such is the current discourse.


A sensible person takes each topic on its own merits and doesn't automatically pick a side. 


The Russia/Ukraine one is a bit more complex but it's generally the same people who stuck 'BLM' and 'Thank You NHS' posters in their windows who are now replacing them with the flag of Ukraine.

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1 hour ago, Sutton_blows_goats said:

... Many nations aren't members but would find value in being a member(Finland and Sweden eg). As in they have a military alliance to help mitigate any threat from another nation.


If they joined NATO its considered an aggression and may start a war. If they categorically state they will never join NATO or NATO dissolves and they are invaded as they dont have a military pact that helps protect them.



I have no idea whether Finland or Sweden are under any credible threat from Russia. I'm certainly not aware of any live border disputes between Finland and Russia.


Joining N.A.T.O. will certainly divert billions from scandanavian treasuries. Would it surprise anybody if this money went to a powerful arms producing nation in N.A.T.O.?


If either country hosts N.A.T.O. missile sites then it will become a target of Russian missiles. Sounds like a self fulfilling prophecy rather than anything to do with Schrödinger.

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