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Europa League Final 2022 - Official Match Thread

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5 minutes ago, alexscottislegend said:

That's what Keltic did and I wouldn't swap with them for any price.

I'll wait until about midnight (Spanish time) next Wednesday before deciding if I agree with you or not.

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I want Rangers to win trophies and compete in the Champions League.


Nothing worse than losing a final.



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I have no ticket and little prospect of getting one. Maybe it's an age thing but I really couldn't face the prospect of more rip-off hotels, cattle transport, etc only to watch on TV in some pub. I've done that too many times before. If I did feel compelled to "be there", I'd definitely want to base myself well away from Seville and probably hire a car for independence and comfort. Good luck to everyone who decides to go without a ticket, make sure you plan your trip well and come back safe.

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5 hours ago, craig said:

Gersnet meet up boys ?


Pardon the language.... but no fucking way am I missing this !!!  I fly in on Friday from Bermuda, arriving Saturday - and back out on Friday 20th.


Costing a small fortune as I bought flights, accommodation and tickets for the wee man and the ex (I couldnt have him go to Seville by himself as a 17 year old) - and he then pestered his mother because he was desperate for me to be there too - so had to - this is a TWICE in a lifetime opportunity - and, in fairness, even getting this far once in our lifetime is punching above our weight.


I still havent come down off the natural high as I am sure you all are the same !


Gersnet meetup then ??


I'm flying in on the Tuesday and out on the Thursday, but yeah, a meet-up sounds good.

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If I had no ticket the thing that would worry me is where to see the game? 10,000’s of football fans roaming about, doubt if there’s enough bars in Seville. No word yet of separate fan zones? 

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