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So over the past 5 years or so I've had some sort of a pedometer on me via device or app on my phone. The 10k a day has long since been rumbled as a marketing ploy, but I like to have it on in the background to see how active I am in life without even trying. 

The past two days I've done 28k and 32k. I woke up this morning with my metatarsals all tight and feeling mangled. So I decided to slap a bit of netflix on and watched a Roman empire docudrama and got to thinking, what kind of distance the legion did. According to the academic and their dusty books and dry sarcasm, the legion would walk 20 miles any given day. That's around 45k steps. 

I'm sitting here with the light bulb going off on my head thinking yeah that'll explain why my feet feel 350 years old. But then thought, those Romans/legion were a different breed no? 

Walking 20 miles then pitching up a tent and digging ditches to start work on a fort. 

Turns out the national average for the uk is anywhere between 2k to 6k. My average usually falls between 7k and 13k. 

Anybody else keep an eye on their steps or is this just me exposing myself as having some type of ocd. 


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I'm averaging 7134 steps per day this year to date, and 8281 last year.  This year's number will creep up the more golf I get in over the summer.


I don't focus on steps so much as the active calories measure on the apple watch. I'm quite OCD with it, and average 990 actives calories per day, and 60 exercise minutes.


Still, you can't out-train a bad diet, as the saying goes - and its food and beer/wine thats my downfall :)

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9 hours ago, Gonzo79 said:

I try to go for a 45 minute walk each day.  


I don't really need to go on about it or to get stats to justify it to myself.  


Eat reasonably well and get regular exercise - it's not difficult.  

I've got two young kids and WFH. I'll be honest i find it difficult to do my hours walk every day and 45 mins on the exercise bike 5 nights a week. Life gets in the way. 

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