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Champions League Format Changes

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The number of teams in the Champions League group stage will rise from 32 to 36 from 2024-25 under changes approved by Uefa.


Under the new format, each team will play eight games over 10 match weeks.




Uefa added that "similar format changes will also be applied to the Europa League (eight matches in the league stage) and Europa Conference League (six matches in the league stage) and both will also include 36 teams in the league phase".



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Gonna have some real minnows in the Conference league if teams finishing outside the CL and Europa places are expanded to 36. This year we had Tottenham and Leicester :) 

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My worry is that when you get a good team like Rangers who is competing in everything, those games add up.


Sure, it's only a couple more but...man.


I heard something during the Leipzig game that Tav has been in like 64 matches so far this season?


That's nuts man. 


Tav isn't even playing for England...imagine if he did?


I know these guys are professional athletes but man alive.


Run a man's legs off.



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