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Where are you watching the match if not in Seville?

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Like many Bears, I can’t go to Seville. Mrs UJ, UJ Jnr, and friends of UJ family have booked a table in local sports bar in Kent where we live. Could have watched at home, but looking  forward to a few beers, cracking atmosphere and seeing lots of other Bears. Can’t wait!  Where’s everybody else watching?




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Had planned to go with my son to one of his pals house but having had a positive covid test it will be at home.

Have had to cancel a hospital appointment as well as a doctor's so a total bummer.

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Sadly it will be probably in the house in the bedroom. I'll be a nightmare so I'll make sure I'm locked away from my family for the duration of the game. I want to remember the game as 2008 was a bit of a beery blur tbh. 

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17 hours ago, Gonzo79 said:

Nationalists stuck in the house while Unionists are partying in the sun.


Just the way it should be.  🇬🇧

I'm going to be stuck in the house but ain't no Nationalist so to you the second word is OFF.

If I had the resources I would be in Spain.

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Posted (edited)

Either at home or in my local Masonic Temple (If someone can show me the required "knock")


Oh, and I ain't no "Nationalist" either.......

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Posted (edited)

I actually called a couple sports bars in the local area to see if they were gonna have the game on.


"The what?"


"Europa League final"


"What's that?"




I even called an Irish Pub...


Don't judge me...any port in a storm.


"Aww yer takin de piss mate"


I was shocked TBF...not by his tone...but that an actual Irishman answered a phone at an 'Irish Pub' in Arkansas.


Never see that.


It's usually 


in a thick southern accent.


"O'Shaughnessy's Irish Pub...Top o' da mornin to ya, this is Bubba"


This is Arkansas...


Paramount+ My house...







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