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[FT] Hearts 1 - 3 Rangers (Itten 33'; Lowry 45+1'; McKinnon 81')

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13 minutes ago, gisabeer said:

They all impress with every game.  Lowry's goal was outstanding start to finish.  They could save the club a fortune.   I would have no qualms if Gio went with them all next season.

I don't think it's set up to save the club a fortune, it's set up to make the club a fortune. 


Lowry is the standout at the moment, King looks assured both at centre-half and left back. McCann could make it, Weston scores goals but looks behind the players mentioned above. 


Devine has looked a very good full back both at B Team level and when he has played for us. 


McKinnon has had a brilliant season for the B Team and is a goal-threat every time I've seen him play. 


However, the hard work starts now for them. They've had a taste and need to ensure they continue to impress. Also, at the moment, none of them are at a level of Patterson was.

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Great to see so many of the young players get a game and play well.


It's worth bearing in mind that the Hearts players weren't exactly busting a gut today.  Certainly not the usual fast paced rough and tumble we tend to face in Gorgie.


And now for the big time!  

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I think Gio and has staff like pushing youth players through and they will get their chance, also have to remember that Rangers have to win every match so it’s always difficult for young players to break into the first team, however they all showed they are capable today but would you rather have Tav or Devine for instance? I would play Lowry than Amad for sure 

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That Lowry kid has been steadily improving. 


I can see his confidence growing.


King looked good as well. 


Pretty much all of the young guys looked good, and none looked out of place.


That move for the B Team to the Lowland League was on point. 


Really was a smart move as there is no sib for playing against mature adults.


Good move by Gio as well to give those guys some extended game time. 

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