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State Of The Squad | Final Thoughts On The Transfer Window?

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Goldson has been a brilliant servant to the club but its time to move on. No way McGregor should be anything other than backup next season if he stays, but I think he should retire graciously, its just a shame it isn't with a Europa League winners medal.


Aribo suffered by being played out of position last night, but he's also not been as consistent across the season for someone so gifted. But you could say the same of Ryan Kent too. Kamara hasn't had a great season by his standards either, but he's also been played out of position.


If we get decent offers, I'd take the money for Aribo and Kamara and a couple of others if it means we can fund a rebuild. I'm hoping the run to the final has all freed up some more funds.


Like @der Berliner says, I think think we need to shake things up a bit and try to address some of the issues we've seen over the last 3-4 years under SG and to a lesser extent Gio. We definitely need to sign a first choice striker to play alongside Morelos (or instead of him); sort out the midfield in the SPL - we don't need to be as defensive as we have been... and sort out CB/GK - a more solid spine to the defence should help give the midfield more confidence to get forward maybe.

We still seem reticent to shoot from outside the area in the SPL and while I don't think its as bad as when SG first came, we often get in to what seems like a really good position to have a shot or play someone in, before turning back to retain possession and recycle the ball, start again.

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Inspired by the posts above, my thoughts on the squad for next year in terms of who we keep, develop and sell (some reluctantly but probably necessary to fund incoming transfers)


Keep GK: McLaughlin, McCrorie  (ADD GK)

Keep DEF: Tavernier (C), Balogun, King, Bassey, Devine  (ADD 2 x CB, ADD LB)

Keep MID: Lunstram, Jack, Arfield, Lowry, McKinnon  (ADD CAM)

Keep FWD: Morelos, Roofe, Sakala, Wright (ADD CF, ADD RW) 


That's only 23, but would prefer to add only 5 quality players that will be contenders for the 1st XI, and add other worthy youngsters to make the rest of the squad. 


The following I see retiring, moving on/loaned out, or be sold for decent money (if the right offers come in)


Out GK: Firth, McGregor

Out DEF: Helander, Barisic, Goldson, Simpson, Zukowski (loan), Katic 

Out MID: Kamara, Davis, Aribo, Kent, Ofoborh

Out FWD: Itten 


I'd reluctantly add Morelos to that list if a good offer came in, but I think he'll stay. Bassey, I'd really want to keep unless a silly offer comes in e.g. £25m+, but equally can see him being sold for less. 


How we use our youngsters will be crucial. I really want to see Lowry command a regular place, and see more opportunities for King, McKinnon, Devine, McCann Weston and others. In fact I'd start from Saturday, they've already shown their quality against Hearts. 


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First thing that needs to happen is to lose all the injury prone players from the club. This was something of an unhealthy habit from the previous manager that needs corrected pronto. 

I want to see at least 2 youth players getting starts next season. Then GVB can pepper in some Dutch players if he chooses. 

I'd happily take a season of allowing the players to bed in and and grow into themselves but after that we need to start filling the trophy room again.

I'm quietly confident in GVB. I can't judge him until he has had his own pre season and players signed. 

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I thought I would split these posts off, to create a separate thread for this. 


It's always interesting to get everyone's thoughts on the state of the squad and what should happen in terms of player movement.

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I think our GK situation is fine. I'd like to see McLaughlin become #1, with McGregor around as back-up - if he doesn't retire. McCrorie can come in now and again too. I don't think we need to spend money, here.


Goldson is leaving, so we need a replacement CB.  We've got Souttar coming in. I think Sands might get more games in this position. Balogun should be let go, so we'll need another replacement. Barisic, maybe, should be moved out, but I would not push it. The full-backs are fine, with Zukowski and Devine around. I'd like to see Mayo get a shot. 


Simpson and Katic should go. 


I think we need more Lowry-types -- who should be a starter, or very close to it next season -- and wingers. We have the engine room, with Jack, Lundstram, Aribo, Arfield (I would have released him, but he's signed for another year) and Kamara. McCann could get games.


I'd maybe let Davis go, to free up wages. 


We need a couple of Right-wingers, IMO. Kent and Sakala on the left, is fine; Wright is decent as a squad player. Hagi is still to return.


We have a duty of care over Ofoborh because it's a heart issue, so he'll stick around. If he gets the all-clear, then he'll get a shot. Otherwise, he'll run down his contract. 


Up front, we need a replacement/competition for Morelos; Probably a couple, since Itten looks surplus to requirements. 


For me, everyone is for sale. If someone gets sold, we'll need a replacement. 


In summary, we need a couple of CBs, a couple of Right-wingers/#10s, and a couple of strikers - plus any replacements for departures. 

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The reliability issues around Roofe are a big issue for me. When fit, he was very good, but wasn't available when we really needed him. Will be sad if Morelos goes but then maybe we need a change here.


Based on their domestic seasons we can easily upgrade Barisic and Kamara.


We need to allow Aribo to play in his best position and see some more of that winter form he had. Half expect him to be sold though. 


I hope McGregor chooses to go out at the very top and not see out a decline. This may also enable a change to tactics and playing styles.


Happy for a few to remain as squad players but we can surely upgrade Wright, Sakala, Itten etc. The youngsters look capable replacements. 


If Davis accepts reduced terms then happy for him to stay. He's an experienced, professional winner. 



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We're almost in the same position as we were this time last year. We need to sign a few players who will improve the first XI (I know its an outdated term) - so quality over quantity.


I guess the difference this year is that there's others like McGregor & Davis who may retire and some who're at the point where we should cash-in on them given their contract situation.

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3 minutes ago, ascender said:

there's others like McGregor & Davis who may retire and some who're at the point where we should cash-in on them given their contract situation.

McGregor just signed an extension.

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I think itten will stay , we definetly need a bigger goal threat from midfield , and another striker please .

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