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The Summer 2022 Rangers Transfer Window Rumours and Deals - Thread

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38 minutes ago, Gonzo79 said:

That won't be available until the transfer window is closed and the accounts are released.  


As usual, there's the 'Why haven't we spent £50m' brigade and there's the 'We're skint, doom and gloom' brigade and the truth is somewhere in between.

I never said we were skint I said I didn’t think we had anything in the bucket to go out and buy players.


FWIW I think our manager deserves to be backed in the transfer market.

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I think one or two big players will be sold and GvB will bring in three or four.  


I'm not expecting anything particularly mind-blowing but do think there will be changes that make a difference.  We lost the league, so changes have to be made.  

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29 minutes ago, Sutton_blows_goats said:

FWIW I think our manager deserves to be backed in the transfer market.

Ya think?


GVB is why we got to that final...with no striker.


Once again...with no striker.


Old boy can manage his ass off.


He has more than earned his right to put a mark on this team.


If he pulls off some otherworldly shtuff like that next season...he is gone.


He will get snapped up quicker than twinkie at fat camp. 


Hell yeah...give that dude some talent!





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Thers is also the possibility that we are holding off and going with what we have in the CL qualifiers and if we progress then we have funds to possibly bring in better quality of player.

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The money we made from European football - excluding tickets sold for these games - can be verified rather easily, as they are set figures. (I`m a bit in a hurry right now, so someone else has to check that out if it is a pressing concern).

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After some newspaper took it up, I added Mr. Botheim to the rumours.


IN - Erik Botheim (22) - ST, without club - LINK - TM


A Spanish paper says that a reporter thinks "that Sevilla will start to convince us with a bid of Euro 8m". Well, it is a start.

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5 hours ago, CammyF said:

That strategy didn't work last season and could be argued is the reason we lost SG and his management team. It's a huge gamble and costly if it doesn't work.


We need to get better quality and need to sign "starters" rather than squad fillers. 

Not knowing your exact transfer budget until after CL qualifiers will tend to have repercussions.

That is why winning the league last season was such a big deal.


Recruitment is crucial and will be a huge factor in how our season will go.


I don't think it a good idea to try and go with most of what we already have, letting several run down their contracts. Freshen up (not wholesale) before it goes stale.

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