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The Summer 2022 Rangers Transfer Window Rumours and Deals - Thread

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So they think young Mayo is worth another contract then loan him to killie I trust they are paying his wage on full  if he's worth a contract he's worth a chance in the first team ,no such thing as to young  

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Mayo isn't that young, he's 22 and needs to be playing first team football regularly. A couple of Thistle supporting friends said he did well there last season, so he's probably earned a shot at the top league. This is the path McCrorie, Kelly and Williamson have taken before him and none of them were able to properly cement a first team starting spot in the top flight following a good spell in the Championship. I suspect the strategy with players like them is to get them regular first team experience at as high a level as possible in the hope we can sell them for something, perhaps just a further 'sell-on' fee, to a lower league English side. These players can look at someone like Docherty, Hardie or further back Kai Naismith and see the potential for a good career at an ok level with the chance of progression up the leagues. I'd be surprised if Mayo is ever a first team player for Rangers. 

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8 minutes ago, Sutton_blows_goats said:

I'm not sure they are anymore ITK than any other journo

Would depend on what hack you were referring to but they (H&H) wouldn't put it out there unless they were fairly sure of it's veracity.


That said, unless the deal is done between all parties, there is always scope for something going awry.


I think it would be a necessary first step for us to start recruiting new players. So, although we would miss Big Joe, we have to move on and the faster the better. 


Ideally have a couple of important additions prior to Portugal.


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