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Official: Goldson signs new four year deal

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On 03/06/2022 at 08:32, Frankie said:

Last time I checked, Goldson was just one of around 30-40 players that have contributed to the last four years - the good and the very bad.  And I don't think we had any right to expect many more trophies given where we've been in the last ten years.  Progress is slow but as our deputy skipper I think his contribution has been mainly positive and he was out PotY last season.


Now, I posted several sentences detailing why I think it's a good move whilst acknowledging the flaws.  The least you could do in the spirit of the forum is to do more than troll in response.  Offer an alternative player signing, discuss his flaws in greater detail, write 1000 words on why we're not progressing and why Goldson should not have been given a new contract.


Anything else is just tedious noise and I'd respectfully suggest you avoid such in future.

I make no apologies for having  an opinion of my own.  In my opinion hes not good enough for where we want to be.  

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13 hours ago, gisabeer said:

I make no apologies for having  an opinion of my own.  In my opinion hes not good enough for where we want to be.  

Opinions are fine - I'm merely asking you substantiate it.


Goldson has been a key contributor to a league title, a Scottish Cup and a European final in the last two seasons whilst hardly missing a game.


Yes, we want more and his form can be sketchy at times (perhaps down to chopping and changing his central defensive partner) but I've yet to hear anyone offer a better, proven alternative. 

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On 06/06/2022 at 08:22, Frankie said:

As I posted the other day, it's all about context.


Shelbourne were/are a part-time team and we were always going to finish that game the stronger. Two penalties also helped and it was the new manager's first game.  It was also the start of a new season and a new era with a side full of new players.


The Hibs game was markedly different. Gerrard had just left, we'd conceded a penalty for one of the Hibs goals and we were all over the shop at the back. Our incoming new manager was in the stand as opposed to the dug out. It was late November and we'd turned in some poor performances already that season. We were there for the taking...


Again, I think Goldson's comments were still ill-advised but, in the context of that game, I can see why confidence was low that we could turn it around. 


Now, if we were 0-3 down against Dunfermline in our first League Cup tie of last season in August and the lad had said that I'd have been much more concerned. 


As much as football players are paid a lot of money (far too much in some cases) to play a game of sport, that doesn't mean they're infallible either mentally or physically. Mistakes happen on and off the pitch so I'd treat these comments as an error made in the heat of the moment and I'd interpret them in that Goldson felt that game was gone that one time NOT that any deficit in another game couldn't be clawed back.  There is a fairly clear difference there... 

basically we were crap that day .

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1 minute ago, compo said:

basically we were crap that day .

Indeed. Sometimes players and teams play crap. We're no more immune from that from any other club.

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