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Quite an incredible achievement.  Auchinleck Talbot winning the Junior Cup for the 14th time in their history, with their nearest challengers sitting on 5.


Hopefully they will find a way for this old trophy to maintain relevance, beautiful trophy which one can see struggle to continue with the pyramid system being foisted upon clubs going forward.  Been competed for since 1886 - would be a travesty to see it lost to modernisation of the game.


Fourteen times for Talbot, unbelievable achievement.  I was at 5 of the first 6 Cup finals (1st win was in 1949 before my time, but was there in 1986, 1987, 1988, 1991 and 1992).  Left UK in 2000, Talbot lost the 2002 final to Linlithgow, then went on to win it 8 times in the next 15 competitions between 2005 and last weekend (and beaten twice in the final in that period too).


What a club. 

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