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George Monbiot has been an opinion columnist at the guardian for ages.


The guardian has a low circulation but is the newspaper of choice among politicians, Whitehall civil servants and the rest of the media.


In this video George is suggesting an end to animal farming. So no beef, milk or eggs.


What will we be eating in George's dystopia? It could be some grey protein paste or maybe some insects.

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4 minutes ago, ranger_syntax said:

If the government, and other interested parties, make this happen then we will rightly be called stupid.

Government is just there to make you FEEL represented.


They don't actually work for you. 


They will absolutely push this agenda forward.


Just like they are doing in Holland right now...just like they did in Sri Lanka...


Because key natural elements like nitrogen, and carbon...are bad for us. 


Sheep to the slaughter.

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