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Are we in a state of decline or a state of progress?  

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  1. 1. Are we in a state of decline or a state of progress?

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The question could be at what angle/gradient is the West declining #4decades


If you drew a graph over 4 decades you'd have an initial surge, some trickledown then a gradual collapse that has been accelerating of late.


Visual political leadership has become a circus show.

The real power has corrupted much of the system.


Capitalism served us reasonably ok, until an extreme version took over in the 80's.

The distribution of wealth is now horribly skewed and those at the top end are essentially driving what is going on. Politics in many supposed democracies are bought and paid for. 


I got in the neck from some for suggesting Large Corporations too often acted in an irresponsible manner.

I was being kind.


There is another graph to consider and it obviously looks very differently. 

That is how the real power is getting on, never had it better.





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23 minutes ago, stewarty said:

In decline or progressing in relation to what?

That is a very good question.


Feel free to decide for yourself.


If you think you have an especially contentious opinion on that then feel free to share it too.

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Just now, ranger_syntax said:

Are you, by any chance, the real power that @buster. was referring to?

There is a thought 😄


Generally, the Real power can be linked to wealth and the use of this power to influence events, media, politics, think tanks, etc,etc........ on a large scale. 


Good relevant examples would be.....

Military Industrial Complex in the USA

Big Tech companies 

Big Pharma

Bill Gates 


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