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Champions League 2023/24

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On 13/04/2024 at 15:39, compo said:

The UEFA super computer predicted the winners for future competitions 



I wouldn't put 2063 in your diary Compo. I think the computer must have had a breakdown to predict that. 

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58 minutes ago, Sutton_blows_goats said:

Glad to see city out. Not a fan tbh.

We can only dream of gracing the field of play with sides like City Madrid or The Gunners as we’ve come to see our levels Ross County and teams like Dundee even then we’re struggling 

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Real Madrid have only six Spanish players in their squad. Bayern have 10 Germans out of 29 squad members.  They are Spanish and German in name only. the sad thing is that this sort of thing exists in every top club, and even not so top clubs like Bounremouth. Does anyone else miss the days when a club's squad actually consisted of players from that country?

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